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(Workshop) National Taiwan Library 110 Annual "Teaching Plan Audiovisual Editing Workshop" Course Registration Guide

1. In order to cooperate with the government to promote the twelve-year national basic education policy, the library uses the library’s rich Taiwanese library resources and professional human resources to assist schools in developing diversified and appropriate school-based or characteristic courses. The Taiwan Library assists schools in developing curriculum projects in various fields" (Letter No. 1104001270 of the library dated May 20, 110). The second child project of the aforementioned project is "Integrating the resources of the National Taiwan Library into teaching in various fields." "Excellent teaching plan solicitation plan".

2. In order to enhance teachers’ familiarity with the production of audio-visual teaching videos and encourage teachers to participate in the selection of teaching plans, the museum will be held on September 6, 110 (Monday) and September 27 (Monday) from 2 pm to 5 pm The computer room 209, Daxia Building of the Ministry of Education of the Promotion of Chinese Culture University, organized the "Teaching Plan Audiovisual Editing Workshop".

3. Information about related activities will be announced on the official website of the library and the National Teacher In-service Training Information Network. Registration method:
(1) Registration on the website of the museum: under "Activity Registration", click "Develop Course Plans in Various Fields" (URL is https://www.ntl.edu.tw/sp.asp?xdURL=onlinesign_RWD/onlinesign.asp&mp =1&topicid=27&pagesize=10&nowpage=1).
   (2) National Teacher In-service Training Information Network Registration.
   (3) Email registration: After completing the registration form, send an email to ivy@mail. ntl.edu.tw.
   (4) Telephone registration: (02)29266888 ext. 4211 Miss Wu. (Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00).
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