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Report to the National Taiwan Library for the 110th academic year to assist the school in developing curriculum plans in various fields

1. In order to cooperate with the government to promote the twelve-year national basic education policy, the library uses the library's rich collection of Taiwanese resources and professional human resources to assist schools in developing diversified and appropriate school-based or characteristic courses, and carry out targeted disclosure plans.

2. The purpose of the disclosure plan is divided into three sub-projects. Project 1: Taiwanese literature and history teaching and research project; Project 2: National Taiwan Library collection resources integrated into various fields of teaching excellent teaching plan selection project; Project 3: The National Taiwan Library and elementary and secondary schools develop a curriculum development partnership project.

3. For related event information, please go to our website for inquiries and registration or application at https://www.ntl.edu.tw/sp.asp?xdURL=onlinesign_RWD/onlinesign.asp&mp=1&topicid=27&pagesize=10&nowpage=1.
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